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Business Aviation

FBO Handling Service

Handling of national and international flights by our partner Silver Cloud Air GmbH.

We are proud to offer wide range of services like catering, fuelling, hangar space and much more. It is our target to provide the best possible all-inclusive service to all of our customers.

Please initiate your handling request by e-mail:

Handling Service Portfolio

Catering Service & Delivery
Delicious meals according to your wishes. In order to create light and digestible meals, only carefully selected products and ingredients are used.

Choose from a broad range of snacks and meals like canapés, tramezzini or spicy salads, hot meals, cut fruit selections or sweet seductions. Each meal can be vegetarian or vegan too and with special considerations to allergy and intolerance. All at your individual wishes.

Every meal will be prepared freshly and will be delivered shortly before departure.
Coffee, Hot Water, Ice Cubes
Hot & cold - we are offering coffee, tea, soda and ice cubes to crew and passengers.
Dish Service
We clean your dishes on request.
Lavatory Service
We prepare your aircraft lavatories hygienically on request.
Hangar Space
Aircraft up to 7,2 m height can be stowed in heated hangars over night.
Flight Document Prep & Weather Briefing
We print your flight documentation and preparation and provide crew access to all meteorological and other relevant means of flight briefing.
Refueling Service
We offer aircraft refuelling service on request.
Hotel Booking Service
We support flight crew in finding an overnight stay in airport proximity and provide crew transportation.
Towing Service
We support flight crew on the way from parking position to the fuel pump by our towing service.

Customs / Immigration

Customs / Immigration
If you are planning a registered flight to or from abroad the Schengen or European Customs Area, please make sure to register your flight with us either by email or by following the menu below. If you require this service, please let our OPS know at least 2 hours in advance.
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Important notice:
Obligation to land on customs airports cancelled
Please be aware that the cancellation of the obligation to land on customs airports does not include a cancellation of the obligation to announce flights for which customs handling is necessary. All flights with obligation of a customs handling are required to announce such flights but they are not obligated to land on a customs airport.

Payment Possibilities

Fuelings, landing and parking fees can be paid directly at the self-service point in the lower level of the terminal building or on customer account.

Customer Account
You do not even need to exit the aircraft to pay your airport fees. Fees can be invoiced at the end of the month. Contact us to create a customer account.
Self-Service Pay Terminal
When entering the terminal from the apron a computer and a pay terminal can be found immediately to your left, from where you can pay your fees yourself.

Airport Facilities

Main Apron at the Terminal
Located directly at the terminal, our main apron is the best position to park and load or unload the aircraft. Having arrived at the terminal, a taxi, car, or bike can be chosen to continue travelling until final destination.
Passenger & Guest Lounge
In the terminal, passengers and guests find a place to stay prior to departure or after arrival in elegant atmosphere.
Relax Lounge and shower
For layovers we offer a pilot’s lounge and a shower.
Briefing Room
A briefing room designed for pilots. Print your documents via Airprint from your mobile device or use our computer. Free approch charts and other useful information available.
Parking facilities
There are sufficient parking spaces directly in front of the terminal. The direct connection from ground to air.
Snow and ice control
Our air- and landside areas are fully and reliably serviceable in winter for your operations.

Further Services

app2drive rental car
From the cockpit directly into the driver's seat. Is that possible? Appsolutely! At more than 50 airports and 80 locations in Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Our app2drive vehicles are waiting for you right next to the runway. With app2drive, you are always mobile. Even on the ground. All you need is your smartphone. Access your rental car anytime and anywhere via app. 24 hours a day. Without a queue.

app2drive – the smarter way to continue your journey
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Rental car
Rent a car online with 'XXL Car Rental Schweizer' in Speyer!
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„First-class individualized limousine service for private and business trips in the Heidelberg area and beyond.“
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If you need a taxi after landing:
Tel.: +49(0)6232/24774
Tel.: +49(0)6232/9807171
Tel.: +49(0)6232/6865557