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Airport Speyer/Ludwigshafen

Airport Speyer/Lufwigshafen

Destination, location, infrastructure.

Whether Ernst Udet (1st World War flying ace), Manfred von Richthofen („The Red Baron“) or Ernst Heinkel (20th Century pioneer of aeroplane design and manufacture) – they were all great figures in the history of military and civil aviation. And during their careers they were all at and involved with the development of the aviation hub at Speyer.

One of Europe's oldest airports

It is no big surprise, with its inception in 1912 not just the current public airfield situation in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region belongs to the oldest in Europe.  Also the Palatinate Aircraft Manufacturing Company Speyer (“Pfalz Flugzeugwerke Speyer”) which was founded in the immediate vicinity in 1913, is still an important manufacturing site of the aircraft industry today.   

Prepared for the future

The airport took major steps towards its future in 1998.  Under new organization and sponsorship from the City of Speyer and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the runway was extended and a new terminal building constructed.   Modern aircraft hangars and an extensive service offering makes the airport one of the ever-increasingly popular “home-base” for small to mid-size aircraft.

Come and get to know us, our service and the City of Speyer and its booming economic region better.  

You will determine:  This is the right way to fly!



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History of the Airport Speyer/Ludwigshafen

Airport Speyer/Ludwigshafen

Our airport team

This is our team at the Airport Speyer/Ludwigshafen GmbH.   With our commitment, competence and our enjoyment of flying, we are gladly here to serve you on all aspects of the Airport.  We welcome all proposals how we can constantly improve our service and look forward to welcoming you at EDRY.

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